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April 1, 2017

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  • Contraception, Migraines, and Stroke

    In this case-control study, women with migraines with aura using combined hormonal contraception had six times the odds of experiencing ischemic stroke compared to women without migraines not using combined hormonal contraception. Use of combined hormonal contraception among women with migraines without aura was not associated with an increased risk of stroke over baseline.

  • Embryo Implantation

    A recent study tracking embryos after embryo transfer has provided insight into why embryos have a greater tendency to ultimately implant in the lower uterine segment, thereby predisposing patients to a greater risk of placental complications.

  • More Confusion Over Whether HRT Prevents Dementia

    A 20-year prospective cohort study from Finland did not provide strong evidence that hormone replacement therapy prevents dementia except among women who self-reported long-term use.

  • Group Prenatal Care

    Group prenatal care is a different model for the delivery of prenatal care that typically consists of groups of eight to 12 women of similar gestational age who have each visit together. This contrasts with the one-on-one patient/provider prenatal care visits that are the traditional model. Women are enrolled in group prenatal care after they have had an individual initial prenatal visit and health risk assessment, and have completed the first trimester.