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May 1, 2018

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  • After the WHI: How Is Your Sex Life?

    Women who discontinued systemic postmenopausal hormonal therapy following participation in the Women’s Health Initiative studies experienced an increase in vaginal and sexual symptoms.

  • Can We Use Manual Vacuum Aspiration for Molar Pregnancies?

    In this retrospective cohort study, manual vacuum aspiration in a hospital setting was equivalent to electric suction for uterine evacuation of molar pregnancy in terms of the risks of incomplete abortion and development of postmolar gestational trophoblastic disease.

  • Interpregnancy Interval and Chances for Recurrent Miscarriage

    Authors of a recent study surprisingly have shown that the best chances of avoiding another early pregnancy loss is to become pregnant within six months of a miscarriage.

  • Update on Early Pregnancy Loss Management

    Early pregnancy failure typically is defined as an intrauterine pregnancy in the first trimester that is not viable, either because the gestational sac is empty or because the embryo or fetus has no cardiac activity. This article will discus the main options for the management of early pregnancy failure: expectant management, medical management with misoprostol, and surgical management. Women’s preferences should guide treatment decisions, given that all three options are medically safe.