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October 3rd, 2022

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  • Therapy cap moratorium, 75% rule addressed in Medicare drug bill

    If all your news of the Medicare prescription drug bill that President Bush signed into law on Dec. 8 has come from local newspapers, news magazines, or network newscasts, you may have missed two golden nuggets in the law that address major rehab issues.
  • Innovative research keeps rehab hospital on top

    Want to know what it takes to be one of the top rehab hospitals in the country? At the University of Washington in Seattle, the answer is outstanding quantity and quality of research, cutting-edge treatment, and administrative processes that focus on the patient.
  • Falls clinic gets patients back on their feet

    If you took a young athlete and put him on bed rest, he would lose between 2% and 4% of his muscle strength each day. Imagine what happens when an elderly person remains sedentary for long periods due to a fear of falling.
  • Taking a toll: Back pain sidelines nurses daily

    In hospitals, overexertion in lifting is the most common cause of lost-workday injuries. Here is the story of a nurse who suffered a debilitating injury and the steps she says could be taken to prevent others from a similar fate.
  • Survey: Violence warning signs often go undetected

    Experts claim that workplace violence rarely strikes without warning, but according to a new study on the issue, the majority of the work force does not recognize those potential warning signs.
  • Workplace violence prevention program recommendations

    In response to findings such as the ones outlined in the survey by the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses and the overarching prevalence of workplace violence among the U.S. work force, the AAOHN and the FBI offer this guidance to help companies develop workplace prevention and education programs.
  • Privacy regs complicate patient communication

    The privacy regulations enacted as part of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act have caused some unforeseen complications for hospitals trying to ensure patient safety and improve communication between providers and patients, say health care professionals and legal experts.