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February 1, 2019

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  • Liberal Oxygen Therapy in the ICU: Time to Change Practice?

    Over the last decade, more clinical studies have shown adverse effects of hyperoxia in different patient populations and its association with increased mortality. In a meta-analysis, investigators synthesized data from 25 randomized, controlled trials comparing a liberal oxygen approach to a conservative approach. They included thousands of patients with sepsis, critical illness, stroke, trauma, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, and emergency surgery. The authors found that liberal oxygen therapy was associated with increased in-hospital mortality, 30-day mortality, and mortality at longest follow-up. Read on to learn more details about specific subgroups relevant to ICU practice and to see a review of the current data on oxygen therapy in these patients.

  • Thiamine for Septic Shock: Is There a Benefit?

    Based on a retrospective review, septic shock patients who were administered thiamine within 24 hours of admission showed improved lactate clearance and reduced 28-day mortality.

  • Early Extubation to Noninvasive Ventilation Does Not Reduce Time to Liberation From All Mechanical Ventilation

    In this multicenter, randomized, open-label trial of patients who failed a spontaneous breathing trial, those who were extubated to noninvasive ventilation did not have a shorter time to liberation from any form of mechanical ventilation compared to those who were randomized to protocolized standard weaning.