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<p>A recent study gives new meaning to "Good to the Last Drop."</p>

A Cup of Coffee a Day Keeps the Grim Reaper Away

By Jonathan Springston, Associate Managing Editor, AHC Media

A cup of coffee a day could reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and other ailments, according to a study released this week.

After following more than 200,000 doctors and nurses for up to 30 years researchers found nonsmokers who consumed one cup of coffee per day lowered their risk of death by 6 percent. At one to three cups per day, the risk of death was lower by 8 percent. And for three to five cups per day, risk of death was lower by 15 percent. Researchers noted that while the results are encouraging, this is only an observational study, which makes it difficult to draw more concrete conclusions.

In December, Internal Medicine Alert contributor Joseph Scherger, MD, will have a more thorough analysis of this study and weigh in on what it means for patients. Be sure to check back with soon to read about it.

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