By Dana Spector, Ebook Design Specialist, Relias Learning

Patient rights should be on the radar screen for every hospital in 2016. The patient rights section is historically the one with the highest number of deficiencies.

If a CMS surveyor arrived at your hospital tomorrow, would your facility pass the survey? How about the outpatient services portion?

Adherence to CMS CoPs is necessary for all Medicare-accepting hospitals. Over time, regulators update these CoPs. Has your hospital followed suit? AHC Media’s speaker, Sue Dill Calloway, will lead a new webinar: “Outpatient Services: Complying with the CMS Hospital CoPs” on November 21 to guide your team through the new updates. During this program, our expert will explain in detail, and crosswalk to the TJC standard, the CMS patient rights requirements for: HIPAA, grievances, right to get notice of patient rights, exercise of rights, visitation, informed consent, privacy, confidentially of medical records, safety, advance directives, interpreters, abuse and neglect, infant security, plan of care, staffing levels, and more than 50 pages of restraint standards.

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