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  • Hands off or on when it comes to patient care?

    For as long as humans have been taking care of other humans who are sick or hurt, the rendering of solace and physical comfort has been the core from which all other types of aid have grown. But a nurse and ethicist in California says that ignoring the value of giving of solace and comfort amounts to turning away from the prime reason for the practice of medicine.
  • Tailor diabetes education to specific ethnic groups

    It is a well-known fact in the health care community that there are diabetes disparities among ethnic groups. Diabetes is a problem throughout the United States. An estimated 18 million people suffer from the chronic disease, and people of color are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.
  • Medicare disease management program reduces amputations and spending

    An intensive face-to-face care management program for severely ill Medicare patients with advanced congestive heart failure and/or complex diabetes has paid off for XLHealth, a Baltimore-based disease management firm. The company has reduced spending by as much as 26% after 24 months of intervention for private HMO patients and has reduced lower limb amputations by more than 60%.
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  • Special Feature: Achilles Tendon Rupture

    Achilles (calcaneal) tendon rupture is a condition that predominantly affects middle-aged men who sporadically participate in recreational sports.
  • Opportunistic infections remain a key problem

    Although the most common reasons for hospitalization among HIV patients in six hospitals nationwide are for comorbidities, there remains a significant rate of hospitalization for opportunistic infections (OIs), a new study says.
  • Guest Column: CMs, disease managers should collaborate

    As employers look at ways to deal with escalating health care costs, case managers likely will find themselves playing key roles. They will not, however, be the only ones in the game. Case managers complement disease managers as the two roles become integrated for more powerful care coordination.
  • Program offers preventive health, chronic care

    As part of its efforts to promote preventive care and appropriate management of chronic diseases, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida has begun the Recognizing Physician Excellence (RPE) program, which will reward physicians based on several criteria, including patient satisfaction, clinical quality and efficiency, and administrative efficiency.
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  • News Briefs

    A Harvard Medical School study has found that current practice management strategies and financial arrangements have a limited impact on the quality of care for patients with diabetes.