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Compliance Guidance for Healthcare Boards

There were a number of organizations that joined together to draft a document called The Practical Guidance for Health Care Boards on Compliance Oversight. It was the first collaboration of its kind between HHS OIG, AHLA, AHIA, and HCCA. It was a joint educational research to assist boards of hospitals and other health care organizations to carry out their compliance oversight responsibilities. Hospital leaders, hospital attorneys, internal auditors and compliance officers should be familiar with this document in addition to board members.

The 19-page document is available at no charge. It has seven chapters that include expectations for board oversight of compliance program functions, roles and relationships, reporting to the board, identifying and auditing potential risk areas, and encouraging accountability and compliance.

The guidance provides advice that boards can adopt in their hospitals. It helps to identify risk and provides a tool to improve the compliance program objectives. It also makes recommendation for effective reporting on compliance issues during board meetings. The document discusses the relationship between internal audit, compliance and legal function of the facility’s compliance program.

There are also a number of other important documents that are available on the OIG’s website.

This includes:

  • Handout: A Toolkit for Health Care Boards
  • The Healthcare Director’s Compliance Duties; A Continued Focus of Attention and Enforcement
  • Driving for Quality in Acute Care: A Board of Directors Dashboard
  • Corporate Responsibility and Healthcare Quality- A Resource for Health Care Boards of Directors

A webinar with even more information is available for immediate download here: [On-Demand Webinar] Joint Guidance for Hospital and Health Care Board Compliance or contact customer service for more information at 800-688-2421 or [email protected].