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Hospital Case Management – November 1, 2023

November 1, 2023

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  • Sepsis Patients Need Transition Support to Prevent Rehospitalization

    Post-acute care is crucial for sepsis survivors. It helps patients with functional recovery and can prevent readmissions. Research suggests post-acute care services may be underused. Fewer than half the patients discharged from the hospital receive care in skilled nursing facilities, with home health services, or in long-term care facilities.

  • Post-Acute Sepsis Care Needs Case Management-Style Help

    Case managers are well-positioned to help prevent rehospitalization of sepsis survivors by ensuring a smooth transition to post-acute care services. They can provide follow-up to ensure patients are receiving the home health services, therapies, and primary care visits they need.

  • Targeted Case Management Helps Patients Experiencing Homelessness

    The lack of affordable housing is a crisis affecting Americans in all age groups, in every city, in every state. Nearly half of Americans say finding affordable housing in their community is a major problem, according to Pew Research. A case management model in Philadelphia helps a local homeless population by connecting people with the healthcare they need as well as finding them stable housing.

  • Pandemic-Era Care Transitions Led to ED Overcrowding

    Researchers found that adult patients who visited EDs in a North Carolina health system between March 1, 2020, and March 1, 2022, faced significantly longer stays if they were transitioned from the ED directly to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) instead of transitioning to a hospital bed and then to a SNF.

  • Consider the Burden for Those Caring for Older Trauma Patients

    Family caregivers of older people who have experienced a serious fall or another traumatic event sometimes are unprepared for the role. The authors of a recent study found close to one-third of family caregivers of older trauma patients experience high caregiver burden up to three months after the patient’s discharge.

  • Ensuring Compliance in Case Management Is Critical

    Many compliance issues in the CMS Conditions of Participation for utilization review and discharge planning need attention. Ensuring compliance is critical for improving patient care, preventing financial penalties or sanctions, and avoiding trouble with governmental authorities by identifying and correcting compliance issues early.