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August 1, 2014

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  • Social media is for more than marketing

    Sure, your facility has a Facebook page. And a Twitter feed. Maybe you even get a copy of a tweet now and again if someone says something about his or her stay that is related to quality. But for the most part, that stuff is for marketing, right?
  • Measuring patient experience

    For the longest time, patient experience was simply measured with a patient satisfaction survey. But we know now that thats not enough to capture the complexity of patient experience in a typical hospital stay. So what do you do?
  • Recognizing fatigue as a safety hazard

    If you knew the person piloting your plane had been up for the last 20 hours, working non-stop, would you feel safe having him fly you across the country? Would you feel safe having him drive you across town? Probably not.
  • Injection practices on the safety radar again

    You might think that how you get a tetanus booster or flu shot or how someone gets chemotherapy is settled enough practice that healthcare providers dont need to be harped on about how to do it right.
  • More prospective award recipients announced

    More than $350 million is up for grabs for health care organizations aiming to create innovative care models that provide better care for less money, and in early July, the Department of Health and Human Services announced the latest round of prospective recipients.
  • Will Affordable Care Act lead to safer lifts?

    Safe patient handling may become an imperative in the nations hospitals not because of any proposed legislation or regulation, but because of rising financial pressures related to both patient safety and workers compensation.