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  • Lifestyle Interventions and HbA1c in Prediabetic Patients

    A comprehensive analysis of medical records shows that referral of patients with prediabetic risk factors to an intensive lifestyle change program results in significant improvements in critical cardiovascular risk factors, including hemoglobin A1c levels and obesity; these changes are more pronounced in men than in women.

  • Examining the Effects of Cannabis on the Heart

    A nationwide Danish study of new prescriptions for medical cannabis for chronic pain compared to control patients has found that the 180-day incidence of atrial fibrillation/flutter is two-fold higher, but the absolute number of arrhythmias is small.

  • Walking at Work: A Helping Hand for a Healthier Heart

    A large prospective cohort study demonstrated that prolonged sitting at work increases the risk for all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality, but even short periods of physical activity throughout the day may help mitigate the negative effects.