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Integrative Medicine Alert – May 1, 2009

May 1, 2009

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  • Vitamin D and Tooth Loss in the Elderly—Have We Seen the Light?

    Although osteoporosis and osteopenia occur in persons of all ages, they most commonly affect institutionalized long-term care and community-dwelling elderly patients, the same population segments with the highest risk of tooth loss and periodontal disease.
  • OD'ing on a Warfarin and Cranberry Cocktail?

    Regular consumption of substantial amounts of cranberry juice or sauce by patients stabilized on warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven) has been implicated in several cases of otherwise inexplicable increases of International Normalized Ratio (INR), including a few with serious hemorrhages.
  • "Comparatively, This Won't Hurt..."—Acu in the ED

    Results of this small pilot trial suggest that acupuncture analgesia in the ED may be both effective in managing pain associated with minor extremity trauma as well as feasible. While the conclusions are welcome, they serve more to advance the notion that further study is warranted than to promote application of acupuncture in the acute setting.
  • A Child's Tears, Future Fears: Stress and Autoimmunity

    Results of this large, retrospective cohort investigation suggest that cumulative significant childhood stress and trauma contribute to development of systemic inflammation and autoimmune disease during adulthood.
  • They Go Together Like Zinc and Copper—A Case Report

    This report describes the unfortunate case of a woman who unwittingly exposed herself to moderately high-dose zinc supplementation for a period of years without attendant copper supplementation, ultimately suffering irreversible neurologic consequences due to copper deficiency.