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April 1, 2015

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  • OHRP letter highlights importance of having student subject P&Ps

    Problems involving student research participants are rare, but even the occasional issue can be a major headache for IRBs and research institutions. That’s what one organization discovered when a confidential complaint resulted in an investigation by the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) last year.

  • University IRBs need clear policies regarding student enrollment, experts say

    One of the simpler ways to prevent regulatory problems with student or employee research recruitment is to have clear, well-outlined policies and procedures (P&Ps) or guidance available for all to see.

  • Research data warehousing is a complicated project for IRBs

    One of the biggest research changes many health systems and universities are facing involves building an enterprise data warehouse that integrates data from various institutions. Its potential has grown in recent years with the growth of electronic health records.

  • THRIVE model shows how IRBs can collaborate effectively

    The theory behind a hospital-university research and IRB collaboration is that both organizations have different strengths, and together they can facilitate studies and research ethics review more efficiently. One such model is THRIVE, a new, inter-organizational partnership model.

  • IRB considerations for nanotechnology protocols

    Once the stuff of sci-fi novels and movies, nanotechnology (NT) — the manipulation of matter on the tiny nanoscale — now has practical applications in everyday areas such as engineering and healthcare. NT is currently being used in clinical trials to develop diagnostic tests and targeted drug delivery devices, especially for cancer treatment, experts say.

  • IRBs win awards for best practices, innovation

    The Health Improvement Institute’s (HII’s) Awards for Excellence in Human Research Protection recently honored two IRBs that streamlined and implemented new systems for efficiency and information-sharing to improve approval turnaround times and quality of human subjects protection in the areas of best practices and innovation.