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February 1st, 2018

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  • An Overlooked Disability Burden

    The sudden loss of hearing is considered an otologic emergency, requiring prompt evaluation. Only a few patients with identified hearing loss take advantage of hearing aids, perhaps daunted by issues like cost, potential stigma associated with wearing a hearing-assistive device, or comfort.

  • Educating Patients About ‘Ugly Duckling Sign’

    Patients or their partners detect most malignant melanomas first. Enhancing public awareness of malignant melanomas and enabling patients to promptly and accurately identify at-risk lesions is important.

  • Statins for COPD?

    Even though numerous pharmacologic treatments are available to mollify COPD symptoms, mortality and disease progression do not appear to be altered by pharmacologic treatment.

  • Updated Hypertension Guidelines

    Perhaps the most novel innovation is the recategorization of systolic blood pressure 130-139 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure 80-89 mmHg as stage 1 hypertension. Previously, this blood pressure zone was labeled prehypertension.

  • Addressing Insomnia

    If cognitive behavioral therapy is insufficient to remedy insomnia, sedative-hypnotic agents must be added sometimes. Consultation with a sleep expert for refractory cases, or for cases requiring more sustained use of medications, is fully appropriate.

  • The Sticky Wicket of Androgen Receptor Modulators

    In a recent investigation, less than half the products tested contained the amount of active product claimed on the label, almost 20% contained none of the claimed active component, and some contained substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.