TB Monitor 2002 Index


  • Case totals reach plateau according to 2001 data, but what does it mean? MAY:49
  • New IOM study finds minority health gaps, MAY:53
  • TB, pneumonia deaths down, but heart attacks up, MAY:56
  • Industry showing the way for health system change, NOV:128
  • 10 strategies for trimming Medicaid budget deficits, NOV:130
  • Can NCET’s prince revive the princess? DEC:137
  • Reichman new head of alliance group, DEC:140
  • Regionalization bid gets warm response, DEC:140


  • Warm weather brings crop of conferences, JUN:68
  • Fireworks in Barcelona, but where was TB news? AUG:90
  • TB/HIV workshop set for IUATLD conference, SEP:100

Correctional facilities

  • Hunting the hot case in the Big House, APR:39
  • Inmate ed program spurs more clinic follow-up visits, JUL:76
  • It’s a tough battle when TB control goes to jail, SEP:101
  • TB bargaining chip in union struggle? NOV:126


  • Chest X-rays to speed detection of infections, JAN:11
  • CDC ponders postscript on TST false-positives, MAR:27
  • Twice-weekly therapy not enough for co-infected, CDC says in advisory, APR:37
  • Expert: PPD lot testing is loosely regulated, APR:41
  • CDC eyes scaled back skin tests for some areas, APR:42
  • A blood test for TB? Well, maybe this time, JUL:78
  • Study eyes NTMs effect on PPD false-positives, AUG:87
  • New guy in waiting room is baffling providers, AUG:88
  • Compliance in a box: A new bid for respect, DEC:135

Drugs, vaccines

  • Two new TB vaccines to enter clinical trials in near future, JAN: 1
  • Quantiferon will sell for $10 a dose: Maker, JAN: 5
  • Report: TB drug market mostly in private hands, JAN:6
  • Monitoring drug levels a great idea, or voodoo?, FEB:13
  • Two strong contenders begin journey toward shorter TB therapy, MAR:25
  • Novartis offers fruits of center to alliance, MAR:33
  • All quiet on 2RZ front; experts wondering why, APR:43
  • Transdermal patch test has diagnostic promise, MAY:52
  • Quantiferon guidelines call for using TST as a backup test, JUN:61
  • Drug of dreams’ preps for first large-scale trial: Study to begin this year, JUL:73
  • Are fluoroquinolones a problem? SEP:107


  • This year’s TB budget contains modest hike, MAR:32
  • Funding bill jumps its first big hurdle, JUL:79
  • Tougher times strike more TB programs as budget axes fall, OCT:109
  • Federal TB bill hits late snag in dispute over funding, NOV:121


  • CDC posts new HIV testing, referral guidelines, JAN:8
  • Is OSHA softening on risk assessment? APR:46
  • Low-incidence guide issued by ACET, JUN:69
  • Guidelines roll out two new variations, AUG:85
  • How you spell relief? PPD tests scaled down in upcoming IC guide, SEP:97

Health care workers

  • New data enter ring in fit-testing debate, APR:44
  • Controllers and nurses butt heads in California, JUL:75


  • New research adds support for at-risk testing in ED, FEB:23
  • AIDS fund awards get off to bumpy start, JUN:65
  • Privacy-rule changes draw strong criticism, JUL:81
  • TB skin-testing rate low for new HIV infections, SEP:102

Investigations, outbreaks

  • Terror by mail brings hassles for TB world, JAN: 3
  • Hunting the hot case in the Big House, APR:39
  • Oklahoma mopping up long trail of TB cases, MAY:51
  • Student death shakes Alabama college, MAY:54
  • Eleanor Roosevelt’s TB: The mystery continues, JUL:80
  • Small town staggers under Somali influx, NOV:123

International news

  • Patent dispute at WTO won by AIDS advocates, JAN:7
  • Davos group engages big business in TB care, FEB:19
  • Outlook for loan bleak as ministry ends talks, FEB:20
  • Global Alliance CEO gets drugs moving, MAR:30
  • Handful of nations get A,’ says WHO, MAY:56
  • In a desperate time, Zimbabwe gambles, JUN:67
  • Worldwide fight against TB undergoes strategic focus, SEP:103
  • Workers often at risk in MDR-TB hot spots, NOV:127
  • TBTC sites added, Brazil among them, NOV:129
  • Global fund’s woes bad news for TB; is U.S. to blame? DEC:133
  • Compromise revives Russia TB loan talks, DEC:139

Policy, politics

  • CDC moving quickly on smallpox front, JAN:7
  • OSHA reopens docket on proposed TB standard, MAR:28
  • OSHA overestimated risk, peer reviewers say, MAR:29

Programs, projects

  • New TBTC study eyes treatment for coinfected, FEB:15
  • Florida’s Haitians nix notion of ethnic staff, FEB:17
  • New super-card launches pilot sites for binationals, FEB:18
  • New international center called TB powerhouse, MAR:33
  • In beleaguered Atlanta, new boss cleans house, MAR:34
  • Food-service industry focus of Denver debate, JUN:63
  • State TB law makeover in works for Colorado, JUN:64
  • PHRI adds animal lab with New Jersey move, JUN:68
  • New model offers hope for pediatric TB care, JUL:77
  • Coinfection problems boost patient social problems, AUG:92
  • Hospital’s DOT program contributes to TB reduction, AUG:93
  • Foreign-born pockets big headache for some, SEP:99
  • At the edge of a cliff: Crisis in Los Angeles, OCT:112
  • TV, TB to partner up for audiences abroad, OCT:113
  • University gets A’ for TB screening, DEC:137


  • TB rates among blacks get an overdue look, JAN:10
  • Study: Respiratory isolation measures underused, SEP:105
  • Adverse effects afflict contacts of MDR-TB, OCT:113
  • Weighing the pieces of a good program, OCT:115
  • Tobacco and TB linked, Indian research suggests, NOV:125

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