AARP report evaluates POLST

Study shows program works

An Oregon-pioneered program aimed at improving health care for those with advanced illness is now receiving national attention from AARP. The recently released report about the Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) program points out that despite challenges and barriers, the POLST program does enrich care for individuals in the states that utilize POLST.

The report titled, "Improving Advanced Illness Care: The Evolution of State POLST Programs," examines the evolution of POLST, which, to date, has been implemented in at least 12 states. At the center of the POLST program is a document that enables patients to work with their health care professionals to form medical orders.

To see a free copy of the full report, go to and use the "search" bar at the top of the page to find "Improving Advanced Illness Care: The Evolution of State POLST Programs."