SDS Accreditation Update

Performance measures on blood management

Preop screenings released

The final "Patient Blood Management Performance Measures," formerly named the "Blood Management (BM) Measure Set," have been placed in The Joint Commission Library of Other Measures and are available for all healthcare organizations to use in internal quality improvement initiatives. The "Implementation Guide" for The Joint Commission Patient Blood Management Performance Measures 2011 is also available.

The guide provides detailed specifications for the seven measures related to select elective surgery patients and transfusions. The Joint Commission encourages providers to begin reviewing their processes related to transfusion. The measures are:

  • transfusion consent;
  • red blood cell (RBC) transfusion indication;
  • plasma transfusion indication;
  • platelet transfusion indication;
  • blood administration documentation;
  • preoperative anemia screening;
  • preoperative blood type testing and antibody screening.

The "Patient Blood Management Performance Measures" are available at The "Implementation Guide" is available at For more information, contact Harriet Gammon at