HIPAA Regulatory Alert

Doctors may not be ready for 5010

As the January 2012 deadline for hospitals to convert to HIPAA Version 5010 quickly approaches, a survey conducted by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) has found that medical practices are lagging in the race to meet 5010 deadlines. In fact, 45.2% of practices report that they have not yet started implementation or software upgrades.

While 53.4% of the respondents said that they are fully aware of these HIPAA mandates, the majority said that they have not yet scheduled internal testing. Another 84.8% said that they have not yet prepared an impact analysis detailing how this conversion will affect operations.

Of the respondents, 42.9% said that their practice management vendor is geared up to replace or upgrade their system to accommodate the newer version, 34.5 percent said they are not.

Only 9.2% of practices said that they have begun internal software testing and 2% said that they do not plan to start internal testing until after the January 2012 deadline.