Recent research shows healthcare leaders are worried about the potential consequences of a cyberattack, says Tim Francis, enterprise cyber lead with Travelers, an insurer based in Hartford, CT.

He notes these findings from the 2021 Travelers Risk Index: Cyber:

Top business concerns: 63% say cyber, computer, technology, and data breaches are the top business concerns.

Top cyber concerns for healthcare leaders:

- A security breach with someone hacking into the computer system (66%);

- Company/organization becoming a victim of cyber extortion/ransomware (63%);

- A system glitch causing a company’s computers to go down (62%).

Managing and preventing cyber events: In addressing these high levels of concern about cyber risk, 55% of healthcare executives say they are confident their organization has implemented best practices to prevent or mitigate a cyber event. These practices include:

- implementing firewall/virus protection (79%);

- mandating computer password updates (73%);

- creating data backup processes (71%);

- performing background checks on employees (62%).