SDS Accreditation Update

Joint Commission OKs third PPR option

A third option to the Periodic Performance Review (PPR) has been approved by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Earlier this year, Joint Commission created two options to the self-conducted midcycle review for organizations that may be concerned about the discoverability of PPR information shared with the Joint Commission. In Option 3, a midcycle, on-site survey is conducted by Joint Commission surveyors rather than by the organization itself. No written documentation or report of the survey is left with the organization, and findings are conveyed orally to management.

At the subsequent full survey, surveyors will be aware of the findings of the midcycle survey, but will not discuss with the organization, unless asked to do so, the fact that any particular standard had been found out of compliance at the midcycle assessment. Instead, the surveyors will focus on compliance with those standards at the time of the full survey.

The electronic PPR tool provides a screen in which an organization indicates the PPR option of its choosing; the tool also includes a "users guide" with instructions on how to complete the on-line form.