Do this to prepare for examination

In addition to taking a certification review course, Tamara Y. Blow, RN, MSA, COHN-S/CM, CBM, FAAOHN, manager of occupational health services for Altria Client Services in Richmond, VA recommends doing these things to prepare for your American Board of Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN) certification exam:

• Begin studying three to four months before the exam.

• Choose a regular study time and stick to it.

• Utilize the ABOHN certified occupational health nurse candidate specifications within the Occupational Health Nursing Safety Management Examination Handbook as a guide.

• If you need someone to keep you focused, partner with another nurse to study for the exam.

• Focus on the theory and concepts behind the questions. "Don't just rely on rote memory," says Blow.

What if you don't pass the exam? "The occupational health nurse may become discouraged and feel like they aren't 'smart enough' or 'worthy enough' to be promoted or recognized as an expert," says Blow. "I have encouraged OHNs who have not passed the exam to give themselves positive self-talk and remind them that they know their stuff. They just have to figure out how to take the test. I always encourage them to try again because the benefits far outweigh the risks."