Angels of the ER: Job Qualifications, Duties


A. Must be at least 21 years of age.

B. Possess good interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to a broad range of personalities and to communicate effectively.

C. Have the physical ability to withstand long periods of walking, standing, pushing, pulling, lifting, bending, and stooping.

D. Possess the ability to provide support and emotional comfort to patients and families experiencing crisis.

E. Be able to prioritize effectively.

Major Responsibilities/Functions

A. Professional behavior:

1. Works one four-hour period per week with maximum of six absences per year.
2. Reports on and off duty to the charge nurse.
3. Attends Angel meetings/educational sessions.

B. Paraprofessional duties:

1. Relates to a diversified patient population without bias to race, color, religious preference, and social status.
2. Communicates with patients and families in a friendly, caring, concerned manner and is supportive of the Health Center.
3. Provides emotional support to patient and families; listens without judging; respects the patient’s Bill of Rights; and refrains from offering medical advice.
4. Listens to patient and family requests or concerns and provides intervention and notification of appropriate personnel.
5. Maintains confidentiality of Health Center information.
6. Provides information on nonmedical community resources (i.e., restaurants, housing, pharmacies, etc.).

Source: Carla Hummer, Angels of the ED, St. John’s Health Center, Santa Monica, CA.