NAPPSI campaign targets catheter securement

Needleless securement reduces injuries

In a campaign to reduce sharps injuries from sutures, the National Alliance for the Primary Prevention of Sharps Injuries (NAPPSI) in Carlsbad, CA, is conducting an on-line survey of interns and residents to determine their experience with the devices.

Studies show that sharps injuries occur in 2% of all sutured catheter securements, notes Brad Poulos, executive director of NAPPSI.

In fact, adhesive devices are now available that eliminate the need for sutures to secure catheters, he says.

"Even if just one resident was to contract HIV through a suture to secure a catheter, what a terrible tragedy," says Poulos. "We’re targeting the next generation. They’re still learning the skills of their craft."

NAPPSI provides a list of safety devices on its web site, Primary devices eliminate the sharp; secondary devices provide a safety feature to minimize the risk of needlesticks.