Use the web for hormone therapy information

Check out the following Internet resources for more information on hormone therapy:

1. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Web:

Click on "Menopausal Hormone Therapy" at the opening page of the NIH web site to access a collection of related web sites, including the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), the full text of the first WHI research paper reviewing the findings of the estrogen/progestin study arm, and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendation on hormone therapy. The NIH site also includes links to information on osteoporosis, alternative therapies, and ovarian cancer.

Clinicians also may be interested in viewing the videocast of a fall 2002 workshop on hormone therapy sponsored by the NIH. Click on "News" at the opening page, "VideoCasting," and "Past Events" to download the "Menopausal Hormone Therapy" sessions that were held Oct. 23 and 24. RealPlayer software (which can be downloaded free of charge) is needed to view the sessions.

2. Annals of Internal Medicine. Web:

Click on "Journals" at the opening page of this publication’s site, then "Past Issues," "2002," and "Aug. 20, 2002" to gain public access to "Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease," one of the review articles published by members of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

The issue also offers "Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy To Prevent Chronic Conditions: Recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force," a patient handout explaining the recommendations from the task force. The handout may be reproduced for not-for-profit educational purposes only.

3. MEDLINE Plus. Web:

Click on "Health Topics," "H," then "Hormone Replacement Therapy" to go to a collection of links to news articles and web sites dealing with the topic of hormone therapy. Visitors also may use the site to search the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE service for recent articles on estrogen and estrogen-progestin replacement therapy.

4. Journal of the American Medical Association. Web:

At the opening page of the American Medical Association, use the pull-down menu under "Physicians" to move to "Clinical Practice Tools" then "JAMA Patient Page" to access the publication’s patient education pages. These pages, available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format, may be freely copied and distributed for patient education. Use the pull-down menu to access the patient page on hormone replacement therapy, which is available in English and Spanish.

5. Food and Drug Administration. Web:

At the opening page of this government web site, click on "More FDA News," "Archives," then "FDA Approves New Labels for Estrogen and Estrogen with Progestin Therapies for Postmenopausal Women Following Review of Women’s Health Initiative Data [Jan. 8, 2003]," which provides the agency’s press release on its new product labeling. From this page, visitors can access a freely reproducible fact sheet, "FDA Approves New Labeling and Provides New Advice to Postmenopausal Women Who Use or Who Are Considering Using Estrogen and Estrogen With Progestin."