Resources for integrating HCV and HIV services

The National Association of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) in Washington, DC, has a Viral Hepatitis Program that provides guidance and information for HIV/AIDS programs. The materials help staff develop training on viral hepatitis and assess how to incorporate viral hepatitis issues into their existing program.

Current materials on viral hepatitis and HIV include:

  • The HIV-Viral Hepatitis Connection: A Select Annotated Bibliography of the Public Health and Biomedical Literature.
  • NASTAD’s own module "Starting Up: First Steps Toward the Integration of Viral Hepatitis into HIV/AIDS/STD Programs."
  • Viral Hepatitis and HIV: A Primer for Community Planning Groups (CPGs). Designed to increase CPGs’ understanding of viral hepatitis, the primer provides general information on viral hepatitis and offers a rationale for including viral hepatitis in the HIV community planning process.
  • Viral Hepatitis in the Correctional Setting: The Role of State, Territorial, and Local HIV/AIDS Programs. The guide provides an overview of the correctional system and of the issues that HIV/AIDS programs may encounter when working with Departments of Corrections.
  • Integrating Viral Hepatitis Services into HIV and STD Clinics. This is an issue brief that describes six HIV and STD clinics that have successfully integrated viral hepatitis services into their existing clinic services.
  • Viral Hepatitis Education: Instructor’s Guide.
  • The National Commission on Correctional Health Care has created a curriculum geared for correctional officers, developed with support from the CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis.

This "off-the-shelf" curriculum, which contains print and CDC versions, enables health professionals to provide comprehensive and manageable information on hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. It includes: instructor guide with pointers on the characteristics of adult learners; pre- and post-tests to gauge the presentation’s effectiveness; lecture notes; handouts and resources for the students; and overhead transparencies.

To order the free curriculum (one copy of each version per customer; shipping charges do apply), contact: National Commission on Correctional Health Care, 1300 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60657. Telephone: (773) 880-1460. E-mail: