Condom symposium booklet now available

Participants share their ideas

Interested in surveying a wide range of condom promotion programs to help develop your own local initiative? You may want to purchase a booklet developed in conjunction with the second annual National Symposium on Overcoming Bar riers to Condom Use held in Los Angeles.

Scheduled during National Condom Week, the symposium attracted more than 350 participants representing a wide cross section of researchers, public health officials, educators, and program administrators, notes David Silberman, MPH, project director at Pharmacists Planning Service of San Rafael, CA, one of the sponsoring agencies for the project and a co-founder of National Condom Week.

The symposium was initiated last year in observance of the week's 20th anniversary. The third annual symposium is scheduled for June 1999 in New York City. Programs presented during breakout panel sessions at this year's meeting included the following:

· Operation Protect, a statewide condom program in Louisiana, has distributed more than 40 million free condoms between 1993 and 1997 and reports a subsequent decline in the state's gonorrhea and syphilis rates.

· Contraceptive Availability Network, which is operated by ABCD Health Services in Boston, in 1997 distributed more than 9,000 condoms each month through hair salons serving Latino women.

· The Teens Stopping AIDS program, which is coordinated by the Community Services Plan ning Coun cil of Sacramento, CA, uses skills-building workshops, a toll-free information telephone line, and a media campaign to educate teens and their families about unsafe sexual activity.

The symposium booklet includes information from each presenter, as well as contact information. The cost is $30 per workbook, which includes shipping and handling. Checks should be marked "condom conference."

[Editor's note: To order, contact the Pharma cists Planning Service at 101 Lucas Valley Road, Suite 210, San Rafael, CA 94903. Telephone: (415) 479-8628. E-mail:]