Newsletter offers facts on alternative medicine

Uses MUE approach to reporting on herbals

Alternative Medicine Alert, published by American Health Consultants (AHC), which also publishes Drug Utilization Review, provides solid, scientific data on alternative treatments, herbals, and supplements.

AMA uses the medication utilization and evaluation methodology to report the pharmacokinetics, mechanisms of action, clinical trials, adverse effects, formulation, and dosage, as well as objective conclusions concerning specific herbals and supplements. The newsletter emphasizes reporting on clinical trials and other scientific research.

AMA is edited by John La Puma, MD, FACP, principal investigator for The Cooking, Health, Eating and Fitness Solution at the Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove, IL. La Puma is a nationally recognized authority on alternative medicine.

Eight other physicians from leading medical facilities across the country serve on the AMA editorial advisory board. (For a preview, see our special alternative medicine report in Drug Criteria & Outcomes, p. 63.)

Publication written by leading doctors

Articles in AMA are authored by leading physicians in the alternative medicine field. Here are some titles taken from recent issues:

· "The relaxation response in the treatment of chronic pain," by Dennis deLeon, MD;

· "Echinacea for the common cold," by Jay K. Udani, MD, and Josh J. Ofman, MD, MSHS;

· "Zinc supplements in HIV infection," by E.P. Barrette, MD;

· "Coenzyme Q10 for the treatment of congestive heart failure," by Jay K. Udani, MD, and Joshua J. Ofman, MD, MSHS;

· "Honey bee venom in the treatment of arthritis," by Vance Dietz, MD, MPH, TM;

· "Acupressure and other therapies for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy," by Ronald A. Chez, MD.

AMA is available from AHC for $189 annually. To order or for additional information, call (800) 688-2421. Or visit the AHC Web site, http://