Most useful measures span population

Start with those with simplest data collection

The following are several of the 108 population-specific performance measures approved by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, for ORYX reporting with the Atlas system, produced by MediQual Systems in Westborough, MA. The ID numbers are generated by the Joint Commission for Atlas use. There are hundreds of ORYX vendors, and it’s incumbent upon each of those vendors to get approval from the Joint Commission for the measures it proposes. The Joint Commission then assigns a special code to each measure that vendor handles.

Eric Kriss, CEO of MediQual, says the most compelling measures are those with the broadest reach over a patient population. Some measures require a fair amount of data collection, but others do not. "Collection option: Basic" in the following list are the easiest measures to collect because you have to collect the least amount of data. When the requirement is basic, the data can be electronically downloaded, and no manual data collection is necessary. Where collection option "Basic — maternal," is specified, for example, statistics such as birth weight are necessary.

Kriss considers the following the most compelling measures because they cover broad subsets of the patient population.

JCAHO ID Measure Collection option

7451 Average respiratory inpt. LOS Basic

7452 Average circulatory inpt. LOS Basic

7453 Average digestive inpt. LOS Basic

7454 Average musculoskeletal inpt. LOS Basic

7455 Average newborn/neonate inpt. LOS Basic

(Most deaths occur in the areas of respiratory and circulatory mortality:)

7459 % respiratory system mortalities Basic

7462 % circulatory system mortalities Basic

(Because 10% to 30% of typical hospitals are concerned with obstetric services, the following measures are significant clinical indicators:)

3246 # & % cesarean sections Basic

3249 # & % primary cesarean sections Basic — maternal

3251 # & % repeat cesarean sections Basic — maternal

3255 # & % neonatal mortality Basic

3267 Standard ratio probability C-section Basic — maternal

3291 # & % failed VBACs Basic — maternal

3294 # & % VBACs Basic — maternal

(Restraint use is high on the list of most hospitals:)

3410 Average days in restraint Basic — treatment

3417 # & % patients under restraint Basic — treatment

Source: MediQual Systems, Westborough, MA.