Conference addresses care for the elderly

If a significant portion of your business is caring for the elderly, you might want to consider attending the annual Outlook for the Home Healthcare Industry Conference. Held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in San Francisco on June 2-3, the conference will answer questions such as: Will technology continue to keep pace with the demand for high-tech home care? Will managed care continue to pay for new technologies and skilled labor?

Topics include reimbursement

This conference will be structured into four half-day sessions focused on specific themes, attempting to answer reimbursement and market issues that govern the dynamics of the home health care industry.

The agenda includes speakers from organizations such as the California Association for Health Services at Home, the Health Industry Manufacturers Association, Abbott Home Infusion Services (a division of Abbott Laboratories), and Allegiance Healthcare.

Janice Caldwell, associate regional administrator for the Division of Health Standards and Quality at the Health Care Financing Administration, will discuss "Medicaid & Medicare Issues That Affect the Market," touching on trends in these two programs that will have a dramatic effect on future growth within the industry.

Marcia Nusgart, RPH, associate vice president for home care at the Health Industry Manufacturers Association, will present an in-depth look at federal initiatives that will both directly and indirectly affect home care manufacturers and their customers.

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