Starting salaries for internists vary widely

Internists starting their careers in West Virginia can expect to pocket a salary roughly one-third higher than their peers entering a practice in Nevada, a newly compiled physician recruiting survey shows.

According to Weatherby Health Care, based in Norwalk, CT, and Fort Lauderdale, FL, starting salaries in West Virginia skyrocketed from $115,000 last year to $128,000 in their 1997 survey. Meanwhile, internists starting out in Washington and Nevada can expect $95,000, unchanged from last year. Following are the ten highest and lowest results of Weatherby’s 1997 internal medicine salary survey:

Top Ten: Lowest Ten:

West Virginia $128,000 Vermont $100,000

Iowa $128,000 Arizona $100,000

Arkansas $126,000 Rhode Island $100,000

Georgia $125,000 Oregon $100,000

Idaho $125,000 Maine $100,000

Missouri $125,000 New Hampshire $100,000

Oklahoma $125,000 Wyoming $100,000

Texas $125,000 Utah $97,000

Kentucky $125,000 Washington $95,000

Alabama $124,000 Nevada $95,000