Increase doctors’ compliance in signing med changes

The doctor’s orders on medication changes weren’t coming back fast enough.

So Waldo County Home Health Care Services of Belfast, ME, had to come up with a simple solution.

"There was supposed to be a time frame in getting those returned, but we had no way of knowing if they complied or not," says Jane O’Malley, RNC, LMSW, mental health program coordinator and CQI coordinator.

The answer: The agency set up a tracking system with the help of a front-office employee.

Now the agency uses a book to record when the note was sent to the physician. If the log shows that the physician’s order hasn’t been received within 14 days, then the employee will tell the nurse to check on it.

The tracking system, although only in place for a couple of months now, has already resulted in far speedier replies, O’Malley says. "It has made things so much easier, and it has been a real time-saver in the long run."