ANA launches public education campaign

Case managers routinely help clients make informed decisions about their health care. The American Nursing Association (ANA) in Washington, DC, recently published a consumer brochure, "Every patient deserves a nurse," which provides consumer checklists designed to help patients make informed choices about the quality of care offered at local hospitals.

Some questions the ANA suggests case managers recommend that patients ask the hospital administrator’s office include:

• Will I have a nurse caring for me?

• Will a plan of care be developed?

• How will I learn about the plan of care and how will staff caring for me learn about the plan?

• How many patients are assigned to each RN on the unit where I will most likely stay?

• Will I be assessed by an RN at least once a shift?

• Will an RN provide education about what to expect before, during, and after medical procedures and treatments?

• What other health care personnel will be working with my RN? What are their qualifications? What tasks will they perform? Will I understand who will be providing different aspects of my care?

Case managers can receive one free copy of "Every patient deserves a nurse" by contacting: ANA 600 Maryland Ave, SW, Suite 100 W, Washington, DC 20024-2571. Telephone: (800) 274-4262. Multiple copies cost $37.50 per 250 brochures for the first 1,000 brochures and $32.50 per 250 for orders of more than 1,000. Request item #NP-92.