AMA offers uniform accreditation system

The American Medical Association in Alexandria, VA, is offering a new system for accrediting physicians that it says will replace individual state requirements with a single, uniform way to ensure that doctors are competent.

Called the American Medical Accreditation Program (AMAP), the new system is being phased in on a state-by-state basis. The AMA recently released the standards for accredita- tion and is now accepting applications for accreditation.

Physicians will be required to meet 12 core standards involving education, licensure, ethics, and practice operations. For accreditation, doctors must have unrestricted medical licensure and controlled substances registration, adhere to the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics, meet requirements for education and medical training, and score satisfactorily on a site review of their medical offices. Accreditation will be denied if the doctor has a felony or fraud conviction, or if there has been state or federal disciplinary action within the past five years.

Accredited physicians also must agree to undergo periodic peer review and conduct self-assessment programs.