Barred physician operated on wrong patient

Same physician once amputated wrong foot

The same physician who received national notoriety in 1995 for amputating the wrong foot from a patient has now been barred from practicing medicine because he performed surgery on the wrong patient.

Rolando Sanchez, MD, had his state medical license revoked because he implanted a catheter into the shoulder of an 89-year-old woman with a brain disorder; her roommate was supposed to have the procedure instead. The woman who received the catheter could not speak. She was not significantly harmed by the minor surgery, according to a report from the Florida Department of Health.

Sanchez amputated the wrong foot of a patient at University Community Hospital in Tampa in 1995, an incident that resulted in national publicity for the doctor and the facility. The patient settled the lawsuit with the hospital for $900,000 and received $250,000 from the doctor’s insurance.

He was accused of amputating a woman’s toe without her consent six months later at Tampa’s Town & Country Hospital, causing state officials to suspend his license for six months.