Pay attention to details in your contingency plan

Any kind of year 2000 (Y2K) glitch in the system, even if it involves small items, can have significant ramifications for your facility, asserts Joel Ackerman, chief executive officer of RX2000 Solutions Institute, a nonprofit clearinghouse on the millennium bug for health care providers. (For information on how to contact RX2000, see source box at left.)

Start now to look at every potential place for failure of a system and plan how you will handle it, he adds.

Ackerman cites a simple case in point as an example of how providers should outline their contingency plan: What would happen if your supplier of disposable bedpans can’t deliver?

The simple answer is to go back to using reusable, metal bedpans. If that happens, here are some things you need to think through:

• Do you have reusable bedpans in inventory?

• What infection control measures have to be used with reusable bedpans?

• What equipment and supplies will you need to sanitize the bedpans?

• What effect will it have on the labor force?