Free mailing list targets employee health workers

By Geoff Kelafant, MD, MSPH, FACOEM
Medical Director, Occupational Health Dept.
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, Mattoon, IL
Vice Chairman and Communications Chairman
Medical Center Occupational Health Section
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Arlington Heights, IL

The Medical Center Occupational Health Mailing List is a free, private, fully moderated mailing list with more than 140 subscribers. A mailing list is an automated e-mail system by which you can post messages to everyone who has subscribed to the list and automatically receive any messages posted to the list.

This particular list is private, requiring moderator approval before joining. Because it is fully moderated, moderator approval is required for every message before posting to members. These features prevent off-topic messages, unwanted commercials, and spam (junk e-mail) from being sent to list subscribers.

Recent discussions have included drug and alcohol testing, bloodborne pathogen programs, varicella immunization, and hepatitis C. Announcements regarding conferences, new Internet resources, and other information of interest to list members also are posted from time to time. List members include hospital employee health nurses, physicians, hospital administrators, industrial hygienists, and safety professionals. Searchable archives cover every message ever posted to the list.

For more information, questions and subscription instructions, go to http://www.occenvmed.net and follow the link to the Medical Center Occupational Health Mailing List. The list is maintained through a service called Onelist, which requires a minimum amount of information to register and subscribe.