Zero-hour plan can help in a crunch

Epic’s Y2KZip gets you running in 60 days

If your vendor will take too long to upgrade your scheduling and billing system, you might want to check out a system like Y2KZip, a new software package from Epic Systems Corp. in Madison, WI.

Y2KZip implements scheduling and billing systems for organizations that have to replace noncompliant systems. The software can compress the time required to implement scheduling and billing to as little as 60 days for organizations of 85 physicians or more. A typical vendor requires six months to upgrade an installed system, and may be unable to take on any additional projects in time to begin scheduling patients into the year 2000. Should that happen, you’ll be scrambling to find vendors to replace your noncompliant systems — and you may find those vendors are backlogged as well.

Working closely with one large organization, Epic was able to completely roll out a practice management system that served 250 providers at 40 sites in 77 days. The lowest pricing for two required applications is $450,000. Epic can be reached at (608) 271-9000; fax: (608) 271-7237; Web site: Contact the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society in Chicago at (312) 664-4467 for a list of other vendors that offer this kind of solution. Or visit the HIMSS Web site at