Selected Template Vendor List

Here is a partial listing of vendors that offer template documentation systems:

The Navigator: a template documentation system designed to meet Medicare requirements. Contact: The Poseidon Group, 79 Poplar St., Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30303.Phone: (404) 261-0401. Fax: (404) 524-7789. E-mail: CscottG8R@ Web:

The T-System: a template charting system with more than 50 documentation tools, including adult and pediatric templates. Contact: Emerg ency Services Consultants, 4020 McEwen Drive, Suite 281, Dallas, TX 75244-5091. Phone: (972) 503-8899. Fax: (972) 503-8898. Web: www.

PowerNet: a structured documentation module within the FirstNet Emergency Department Information System. Contact: Heidi Zimmerman, RN, BSN, Cerner Corp., Enterprise Marketing Specialist, 2800 Rockcreek Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64117. Phone: (816) 201-3460. Fax: (816) 201-9460. E-mail: hzimmerman@cerner. com. Web: