Empowered patients are happy patients

A new study released by Press, Ganey in South Bend, IN, confirms an emerging trend in health care — today’s patients want to know their rights and what to expect. The consulting firm compiled data from a quarter of a million patients in 476 hospitals with an average of 525 patients per hospital completing the surveys.

The surveys focused on whether hospitals informed patients about their rights as patients. The study found that patients are more satisfied when health care organizations help them understand their rights. Findings include:

• The mean score for overall satisfaction with the health care facility was 84.9% for patients who received information about their rights.

• The mean score for overall satisfaction for patients who did not receive information about their rights was 81.2%.

"Patients are naturally more satisfied when they are empowered through knowledge. They want to be informed, they want to have choices, and they want to be protected," says Rodney F. Ganey, chief executive officer of Press, Ganey. "Successful health care organizations will be those that respect the role the patient plays in decision making. They must create an environment where patients are both protected and empowered."