FDA recalls herbs with high glyburide levels

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled two herbal preparations found to contain "dangerously high" amounts of glyburide in late March. Dianolyn capsules, made by Diabetic Capital of Alhambra, CA, and Dimelstat, manufactured by SciQuest Lab Inc. of Brea, CA, were sold over the counter as herbal remedies.

The two companies announced the recalls in statements released by the FDA with the warning, "People who have low blood sugar or those with diabetes run the risk of serious or life-threatening complications if they consume these products." The recall statement further cautioned consumers to stop using the products and to seek medical advice, "especially if they are currently being treated with other anti-diabetic drugs or if they have symptoms of fatigue, excessive hunger, profuse sweating, or numbness of extremities."

Dianolyn capsules were sold nationally and promoted in Chinese-language radio commercials and newspapers. Dimelstat is sold by mail order and through specialty herb stores.

Both companies told the Associated Press there had been no reported illnesses connected with the products.