Seniors talk back about end of life care

Starting last month, seniors and others interested in end-of-life issues had the opportunity to participate in electronic, Internet-based democracy on a Solutions Forum on end-of-life care, hosted by San Francisco-based SeniorNet. SeniorNet, a 24,000-member nonprofit organization, also offers computer classes to help seniors become Internet-savvy in 140 learning centers across the country. Its Solutions Forum includes interactive on-line polls and discussion forums, which change week by week. Topics for the forums include an introduction to end-of-life care, physician-assisted suicide, quality of life, and prescriptions.

In the forum, Internet visitors can read the comments of others, respond to them, and post their own comments, says spokesperson Shawn Taylor Zelman, account supervisor for the Vienna, VA, public relations firm Barksdale Ballard. "We're targeting any organization of seniors or end-of-life care. I'd also urge your readers to participate, to get every aspect of the end of life into the discussion - what's out there, what's available, the challenges, how it plays out in different states."

For more information on the forum, which runs through Oct. 19, contact Zelman at (703) 827-8771 or e-mail: SeniorNet's Solutions Forum is sponsored by MetLife, and its Web address is: