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On-line university offers controversial course

Wired magazine created a stir by publishing that the human body was worth $46 million, bucking the traditional contention that the human body was worth 97 cents, or $17.18, adjusted for inflation. Now, the educators at New Canoe University (NCU) have developed a course to enable students to tap into some of that intrinsic value and live to enjoy it.

The new course is called, "Body Bucks: How to Sell Your Body to Science While You’re Still Alive," and teaches students that income opportunities are literally coursing through their veins.

"By selling body fluids and participating in medical experiments, a human being can earn $20,000 or more per year," says Bob Heyman, NCU co-founder and instructor for the course. "Think about it; this is literally the only business’ out there where you can always carry your assets with you . . . and they’re renewable resources to boot."

Heyman says individuals can rent their bodies to drug companies for $150 per day or more. "Additionally, many college students have found that supplying their blood, sperm, eggs, and hair to various sources is an easy way to finance their education. We’ve compiled some of the best ideas and sources into a course from which others can profit."

Before putting a kidney up for sale on eBay, warns Heyman, individuals have to be aware of U.S. laws.

"Participating in medical studies or selling your body fluids is legal, but selling vital organs is illegal in the United States. The course focuses on the parts of the body such as bone marrow, blood, sperm, and hair that can be sold legally."