Y2K manual can steer you through the new year

As the year 2000 (Y2K) issue moves far beyond a mere "technological" one, American Health Consultants has published the Hospital Manager’s Y2K Crisis Manual, a compilation of resources for nontechnical hospital managers. This 150-page reference manual includes information in nontechnical language on the problems your facility will face, the potential fixes, and the possible consequences, including:

• Will your computers and software work in 2000?

• What does Y2K mean for patient care?

• What will happen to your medical devices?

• How can you ensure vendors are Y2K compliant?

• Are you at legal risk due to Y2K?

The Hospital Manager’s Y2K Crisis Manual is available now for $149. For more information on the Hospital Manager’s Y2K Crisis Manual, contact American Health Consultants customer service at (800) 688-2421 or www.ahcpub.com.