States get grants for uninsured access

The federal government has given one-year grants totaling $13.6 million to 11 states to develop plans to provide access to affordable health insurance to the uninsured. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala says the state agencies receiving the grants are first to conduct studies to better identify the characteristics of the uninsured. They then are to use that information to determine what will be the most effective methods to provide them with high-quality, affordable health insurance similar to plans that cover government employees or other benchmark plans.

The grantees are to submit reports detailing their proposals for expanding public-private partnerships to cover all uninsured citizens so other states can profit from their experience.

States receiving the grants are:

• Arkansas;

• Delaware;

• Illinois;

• Iowa;

• Kansas;

• Massachusetts;

• Minnesota;

• New Hampshire;

• Oregon;

• Vermont;

• Wisconsin.