Hospital Home Health 2000 Index


AAH welcomes new board of directors, SEP:108

DC Medicare providers say no new members, SEP:107

DeKalb Regional seeks OK to move headquarters, APR:46

Home health forecast, NOV:121

Just a few notes in health care news, MAR:34

List of top 100 hospitals released, FEB:19

NAHC names newest Board members, DEC:144

New association formed, FEB:21

New name for National Hospice Organization, APR:48

Organization celebrates 15 years by closing shop, APR:47

These organizations are paying for fraud, APR:46

Transworld Healthcare pays $10M settlement, OCT:118

TX doctors immune from antitrust, JUL:81

What are the latest mergers and acquisitions? JAN:10, FEB:21, MAR:34, SEP:106

What’s the latest in mergers, changes? APR:46


HHH seminar roundup: Conference goers learn about regulations, trends, JAN:1

It’s back, due to popular demand, APR:44

Cost management

Home care cost-effective, MAR:36

Hospital outpatient payments raised 4%, MAY:60

IRS ruling regarding independent contractors, FEB:17

Resources available on taxes, weighty subjects, MAY:59

Try these home care best billing practices, APR:43

Who’s getting hurt by the BBA? MAR:30

Health Care Financing Administration

DMERC controversy sparks response from association, OCT:120

HCFA makes revisions to beneficiary notices, FEB:15

HCFA memo clarifies OASIS requirements, AUG:94

HCFA offers service that’s above-average, FEB:22

HCFA publishes insulin infusion pump criteria, JUL:83

HCFA to be user-friendly? JUL:84

New codes proposed for home health, hospice, APR:45

On the 36th day: The SCIC episode payment, OCT:119

Speak out on surety bonds, JUN:70

Hospital administration (See also Conference)

PROs enter home health, FEB:22


Americans’ insurance woes continue, MAR:35

What is billing errors and omissions insurance? APR:40

Joint Commission (See also Legislation)

After two years, survey preparation pays off, JAN:2

Home health providers serve as JCAHO advisors, NOV:127

JCAHO manuals sport new look, new options, OCT:119

Joint Commission sees red, JAN: 9

LegalEase by Elizabeth Hogue

Readmission decisions should go to agencies, JUN:67

LegalEase by John Gilliland III

Try these tips for drafting clearly written policies, MAY:57

How to restructure hospital-based home care, JUL:74

Avoid abandonment when it’s time to terminate care, OCT:111


Fixing what the BBA broke: A review of 2000’s legislation, DEC:133

NAHC thanks Congress, recognizes advocates, FEB:23

NAHC announces its legislative agenda, MAR:32

Waiting for action: Bills introduced, but not passed, in 2000, DEC:135

Who are the cosponsors of home care legislation? JUN:69

Management (See also Conference, Cost management)

Can home health nurses transition to a blend of curative and hospice care? MAY:49

Do you know how to play the hiring game? SEP:98

Do your patients adhere to doctors’ orders? MAY:53

Is HIPAA becoming an administrative hippo? MAY:60

It’s time to start looking past the patient, MAR:28

Not as easy as it looks: Lessons for new managers, DEC:138

Results from the 2000 HHH reader survey, OCT:111

Send a letter to the doctor about referrals, MAR:29

The Management Commandments, DEC:139

Tips for HIPAA compliance, NOV:128

Try these tips for drafting clearly written policies, MAY:57


Making friends with the media: A home care primer for getting press, JUN:61

Media savvy: Making the interview count, JUL:77

Medicare (See also Cost management)

2001 Medicare physician fee schedule released, SEP:107

AHA comments on Clinton budget, APR:48

Columbia/HCA settles Medicare suit, the largest in health care fraud history, JUL:73

Congress calls for Medicare reform following HCFA’s testimony, SEP:97

Does your agency know how to serve notice in cases of noncoverage? APR:37

Fixing what the BBA broke: A review of 2000’s home care legislation, DEC:133

Home health Medicare spending down 45%, JUN:70

Medicare Patient Access to Technology Act, JUL:82

Medicare to last until 2023, says annual report, MAY:60

OPAT and CoPAT: Getting paid for a good practice, MAR:25

They are having their day in court, JAN:10


Alzheimer’s may be related to high-fat diet, SEP:107

Coffee, Parkinson’s disease linked, AUG:96

Coping with depression: What you need to know, SEP:101

Depresión: Lo que usted debe saber, OCT:113

New screening method for colon cancer, AUG:96

The 90s were a new era for nervous breakdowns, OCT:118

Office of the Inspector General

Four patient dumping cases settled, JUN:72

Eight files you should keep, FEB:22

OIG may target HHA’s DME contracts, JUL:82

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (See Workplace safety)

Prospective payment system (PPS)

Learn the language: PPS term/acronym reference, AUG:91

NAHC reacts to bundled supplies: what counts? AUG:87

NAHC’s final analysis of all the new rules, AUG:88

Reference guides for PPS, DEC:140

The final PPS rule has arrived! AUG:85


Educate your agency and your patients, NOV:129

Try these health care resources, JUN:71

Web sites you can use, JUL:79


Employee or contractor: What’s the difference? FEB:16

Industry focuses on aging RNs, nursing shortages, NOV:124

IRS ruling regarding independent contractors, FEB:17

The nursing numbers in college enrollment, NOV:126

Where have all the nurses gone? JAN:8

Women’s salaries lag, JUN:72

Supplements, forms, charts

2000 Salary Survey results, NOV:Sup

CE test questions for Hospital Home Health, APR:sup, OCT:Sup

Reference guides for PPS, DEC:140

How’s home care doing? Look at the numbers, MAY:56

Patient Care Satisfaction Survey, JUN:Sup

Prospective Payment Systems Points; A Pullout Guide, AUG:Sup

Self-Audit Compliance Admission Audit Tool, JUN:Sup

Self-Audit Compliance Homebound Status Tool, JUL:76

Self-Audit Compliance Plan of Care Audit Tool, JUL:76

Technology (See also Resources)

Codified billing: Software makes it simple, APR:42

FI encourages electronic signature use, DEC:142

Health care companies pilot Internet program, JUL:83

Hepatitis C on-line, JUL:84

New research looks at Internet and health care, JUN:68

Physician e-ok’ deemed OK by most fiscal intermediaries, OCT:109


Accidental deaths could be on rise, JAN:9

How bright of a future should the home care industry expect? FEB:13

How’s home care doing? Look at the numbers, MAY:56

Senior’s health costs are on the rise, FEB:22

U.S. health care system is far from best, says WHO, AUG:95

Wear your heart rate on your sleeve in new T-shirt, NOV:132

What are the latest health care indicators? MAY:58

Workplace safety

Are you ready? Workplace rules have changed, JAN:4

Needlestick prevention again in the spotlight, DEC:136

Why Needlestick Legislation? DEC:137

Workplace rules: A breakdown, JAN:7