Audio conference: Protect your tax-exempt status

Class action lawsuits on behalf of the uninsured have been filed against a number of nonprofit hospitals in multiple states. More suits are expected to follow as this issue draws increasing media and political attention. If you’re like many nonprofit hospitals, you’re likely hanging by a financial thread. Do you know what actions you can take to protect your tax-exempt status? And does your staff know about the many alternative services available to help the needy?

Thomson American Health Consultants is offering an audio conference to help you learn where your hospital may be exposed, what policies and procedures you need to reform to preserve your tax-exempt status, and how to continue to provide necessary care for the uninsured.

Billing and Collections Practices Regarding the Uninsured: What You Need to Know to Preserve Your Hospital’s Tax-Exempt Status, which will be held on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2004, from 2:30-3:30 p.m., EST, will be presented by Jay Wolfson, DrPH, JD.

Wolfson is a professor of public health and medicine at the University of South Florida Health Sciences Center in Tampa and is an expert in the field of health care law. He has done extensive research, written numerous books and articles, and given many talks on the subject.

Your facility fee of just $249 entitles you to invite as many participants to listen as you wish. You will receive presentation materials, additional reading, a 48-hour replay of the live conference, and a CD recording of the program upon request at no additional charge. And if you register by Aug. 26, you will qualify for the discounted facility fee of just $199 (a $50 discount off the regular price of $249). To register or to get more information, visit us at, or contact customer service at (800) 688-2421 or by e-mail at

When registering, please reference code T04120-61822.