Grants available for people with disabilities

By September, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will grant nearly $70 million to states to increase services and support to people of all ages with disabilities. The funds will help states enable people with disabilities to remain in their own homes and participate in normal community life.

The grants include $50 million in "Real Choice Systems Change Grants" to help states improve their health and long-term service delivery systems. The funds may be directed toward improvements in quality assurance mechanisms,
long-term service system reform, and demonstration projects. Up to $15 million in grants and 400 Section 8 housing vouchers also will help states transition people with disabilities from institutional to community-integrated living.

Grants up to $8 million will support state efforts to improve community-based personal assistance services, programs that, for example, will provide education and training to people disabilities in managing workers, assist people with disabilities in hiring workers, and help people with disabilities establish their own businesses.