How to spread the word about case management

Who can better tell the public about case management than case managers themselves? "We are the best people to communicate our contributions, but many of us are not comfortable in that role," says Catherine M. Mullahy, new president of the Case Management Society of America. She urges case managers to develop the skills they need to articulate the health care and financial contributions case management makes. "If more people knew what we do, more would be asking for us. If employers start to recognize the value we provide, our profession will explode in terms of growth," Mullahy says.

Here are some suggestions on how to educate your community:

• Go outside your comfort zone and educate the people with whom you come in contact about case management.

• Talk to family members of your clients to let them know how you help.

• Volunteer to speak at career day at local schools or at civic clubs.

• When health care issues are being discussed in your community, volunteer to be a speaker.

• Write letters to the newspaper or respond to columns in the newspaper. For example, if there is an article about how the health care system didn’t work, write a letter to the editor and explain how case management would have solved the problem.

• Volunteer to write an article about how you, as a case manager, made a difference.