Here’s how the Oregon program is set to work 

The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems put together this mission statement regarding the collaborative effort by the state’s hospitals to make it easier to apply for health care financial assistance: 

1. The objective of hospital financial assistance and services is to help the hospital meet its community obligations to provide financial assistance in a fair, consistent, and objective manner. The guidelines will provide structure to a discussion about a patient’s financial need. 

2. Hospitals will determine the best way to educate employees about the facility’s protocols regarding assistance so that employees will know how to refer a patient or family to the appropriate location for information. 

3. Request for financial assistance may be made at any point before, during, or after the provision of care. A responsible party choosing not to apply for financial assistance will not automatically be considered for assistance. 

4. The guidelines include:

  • Suggested policy statement regarding financial assistance. 
  • Sample screening practice for financial assistance. 
  • Sample operating policy. 
  • Sample account follow-up and collection practice. 
  • Sample wall sign and business cards. 
  • Suggested payment option explanation for reverse side of hospital statement.