Friction-Reducing Devices: Biomechanical Study Rankings

These are the overall rankings of lateral-transfer devices from a study by Andrea Baptiste and John Lloyd of the Patient Safety Center of the James A. Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa, FL. The rankings were based on a biomechanical study that analyzed the applied forces experienced by caregivers using the devices and the percentage of the population with enough strength in specific joints to accomplish the transfer.

  1. Lateral Transfer Aide by Phil-E-Slide
  2. Aqua Elite flat sheet set by Phil-E-Slide
  3. MaxiSlide by Arjo
  4. HoverMatt
  5. Air Pal by Hill-Rom
  6. Easy Transfer System by Romedic (Not readily available in the United States)
  7. Maxi-Trans (Not readily available in the United States)
  8. Slipp Patient Transfer System
  9. Resident Transit Assist by Hill-Rom (No longer available)
  10. Disposal plastic bag
  11. Draw sheet